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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) adopted a ruling that changes its current Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) compliant labels. Now, designs need to match the guidelines. Starting in 2015 manufacturers will be required to include more specific elements that are outlined in the GHS guidelines.

Why is it important?

GHS provides a logical and comprehensive way to classify chemicals using uniform criteria. It also furnishes employees with the chemicals’ hazard information. It even offers information on protective measures to be taken when handling chemicals. Global recognition means safer transport and handling of chemicals worldwide.

How This Impacts You

GHS standard labels MUST include signal words, pictograms, hazard, and even precautionary statements requiring new labels. Labels MUST also include a red border around pictograms, requiring two-color printing, and compliant red resin ribbon. However, replicating these regulations aren’t for amateurs. Instead, leave it to the pros.

Instead of Doing it Yourself, Let Great Lakes Label Help You Get GHS Compliant

Our label experts are even here to help you smoothly transition to the new standards. We offer a variety of helpful solutions, including:

  • GHS compliant chemical labels.
  • BS 5609 compliant red and black resin ribbons for two-color printing.
  • Two-color capable cab XC4 and cab XC6 thermal printers.
  • Let us do the hard work for you!

Don’t get left behind. Instead, and more importantly, stay compliant. These regulations also impact your brand in the sense that they demonstrate professionalism. Instead of skating by without these icons, show your customers you care.

However, you may need more information before printing. We get that. Click here to download our Globally Harmonized Labeling Guide.

Our free guide includes information on:

  • Important deadlines
  • New label layout
  • Quick Facts & more…


Learn how to use marketing strategies to create labels that will also delight customers! Download our e-book, The Marketing Guide here.

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