As October begins, every store is prepped and ready for Halloween and Fall decor.

Check out these Halloween-inspired Candy Labels by Meijer:

These labels immediately catch the consumer’s attention, drawing their eye to them, because they are different than the normal candy labels Meijer uses for their clamshells. Usually, they consist of patterns with red, blue, or purple backgrounds on the label, but this one is Orange and Black – colors that scream Halloween!

You can also see little pumpkins, and bats in the background on the label. This alone will also urge some consumers to buy this candy – even if they have never bought it when it showcased the regular label. The reason being, is maybe they are decorating for Fall and/or Halloween and this would look great on their counter! Maybe they are throwing a Halloween party and want labels that match the theme, rather than the normal ones! And one more option is that they are buying it for the Halloween-themed Candy inside the clamshell, but the label just helps make that more noticeable.

It is a smart idea to market and label your products with each “Hallmark Holiday” that occurs. People always love to decorate or buy items that coincide with each holiday, and it is proven to increase sales on the product.

Halloween Candy Sales Stats

Above are statistics, from the National Confectioners Association, that show an increase in Halloween Seasonal Candy sales last year. More and more bought Halloween candy. If this trend continues, you will want to be sure to use Halloween and/or Fall-themed designs on your labels this season!

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