The History of RFID Technology (INFOGRAPHIC)

The History of RFID Technology (INFOGRAPHIC)

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, technology is developing across all industries. We’ve previously looked at how labeling technology is revolutionizing customer engagement in packaging. This technology is allowing brands to enhance the product to the point that the label becomes as important as the product itself. In this blog, see how this technology came to be and learn more about other labeling technologies.

RFID Technology History Timeline Infographic

Mentioned in The RFID Technology Timeline Infographic:

1980’s: Europe and the United States apply RFID to transportation systems, animal tracking & business applications.

1990’s: Standards begin to emerge.

2000’s: Costs and size of technology shrinks.

Today: Retail embraces RFID technology. As long range use improves, ease of use increases as well.


NFC (Near Field Communication)

NFC labels are labels rooted in RFID technology and can communicate with devices, including smartphones, that are within 1.6 inches. Download the free app, Easy NFC Writer to simply and effectively program NFC labels.


NFC labels are more commonly used with smart packaging techniques. The interaction between the label and the smartphone allows customers to connect easily to the brand’s social media pages, website or app. When a product works in conjunction with an app, or video tutorial, this technology makes it easy for customers to access it.


UHF (Ultra High Frequency)

UHF labels, also known as passive RFID labels, are made up of RFID UHF inlay and a barcode label. It is then printed and encoded by UHF printers.


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