What is Cast & Cure?

Cast & Cure is a sheet of holographic stylized designs. The flexographic printing press presses it onto the label stock. When you move the completed label around in the light, the pattern catches in it and showcases an entire rainbow of color. In the below examples, navy blue labels make the Cast & Cure technique pop. The shimmering color compliments the blue tones and makes the warm tones stand out.


Cast & Cure Labeling Samples


How To Use This Technique In Your Design

This labeling technique best serves a design with dark colors. That being said, it doesn’t overshadow text, so using Cast & Cure over the entirety of a label will still compliment the overall aesthetic. Since the technique shines with every color of the rainbow, it works for any label design’s color scheme. It especially stands out on monochromatic or minimalistic designs.

Just imagine these looks over a primarily black label! The cast & cure patterns would explode off the dark, neutral label. The use of contrast and juxtaposition is key in drawing customers’ eyes.


Variations of Cast & Cure

As you can see from the above samples, this technique comes in a variety of styles. From lines to dots to bubbles, it compliments a variety of label aesthetics. The bubbles in particular play into an established theme for cleaning supplies, hair care, and soap are concerned. Instead of drawing attention away from the item, it re-enforces its use and provides a luxury look.  As we’ve previously discussed, the luxury packaging market is increasing. This technique provides you with the edge you need to stand out from your competition.


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