Honesty is Key – (Transparent Labels & Packaging)

Transparency in the Label & Packaging Business

Whether it be everyday life relationships with friends, or business ones with your consumers – when it comes down to it: honesty is key. 

As a consumer, are you going to purchase something from someone you do not trust? – Chances are, your answer is no, you’re looking for honesty. Likewise, as a business owner, you are not going to purchase materials from a supplier that you cannot trust. 

A huge trend that we are seeing in the labeling and packaging world today is transparency. This can be understood in many ways. 

Transparency is seen as: 

transparency in ingredients
  • Clear and obvious ingredients written on the labels & packaging 
    • This is an expectation that consumers have for their products now. In today’s world, people want to know what they are putting into their body, or into the environment and space around them.
  • Transparent labels and/or packaging being used
    • Consumers like to see labels and packaging that are transparent so that they can see their product through it. This gives them a sense of trust, as they can see most of the product. They believe the company has nothing to hide and that they then won’t receive any bad surprises.
transparency, clear label, chula vista
  • Honest values that are shared publicly 
    • Many companies are now adding their values and what they believe or if they are sustainable/environmentally friendly right on their packaging to gain more trust from their consumers. 
moya wine label - wine traders - great lakes label - honesty is key - environmentally friendly,

Wouldn’t you be more willing to trust buying products from a company that expresses their desire to better our planet?

  • Easily accessible contact info & good customer service
    • Companies are expected by their current and potential customers to have contact info, and help by a customer service team, both readily available to them. Hiding how to contact the company, or get answers from customer service, breaks the trust between a consumer and the company. 
  • Companies having evident expectations for their employees 
    • Having clear rules and expectations that employees are aware of helps foster employee happiness. Transparent company values and guidelines that they are expected to withhold, and know that the company will follow through with as well, create more trust. This happiness and trust continue from the employees generally result in them working and serving the customer better. 
This transparency, by the company to the employees, directly trickles down to the experience of the consumers and the trust it creates with them.

Overall, companies, employees, and consumers must all remain transparent with one another to create long-lasting honest relationships. 

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