Hot Stamp is another foiling technique that will add life to your label! It can be used in a plethora of different ways to help create unique designs & shine on your labels.

Hot Stamp involves the use of a die that is mounted on your flexographic press. It then “stamps” while heat is applied, which allows the foil to affix to the surface of the label, due to the pressure & heat. It allows the area to shine & stand out. Depending on how you use it in your design, it creates a classic touch or a nice modern design that is sure to get your product picked up.

It is perfect for emphasizing titles or images. This is especially true because the hot stamp is available in a wide range of colors. It is versatile in design – meaning it can be used in a larger shape, small ones, or even on skinny, more precise writing.

It is a great technique for use anywhere!

Check it out on some outline brand imaging, the bee’s wings, and on the outline of small flowers, below:

Hot Stamp images
Hot Stamp used on images to add emphasis & shine!

Hot Stamp is commonly seen on wine, spirit & beer labels. Check out some examples in some of the unique fonts on the labels below:

Hot stamp titles
Hot Stamp is used to enhance branding & make the title stand out!

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