How Does GMO Labeling Impact Your Brand?

How Does GMO Labeling Impact Your Brand?

Vermont’s legislation on GMO labeling will go into effect on July 1st. While this may already impact some brands and their labels. It may also not impact others…yet.

Whether or not you consider this a positive change, here are some things to consider when converting labels to the new GMO standard.

GMO Food Labeling Logo Examples
GMO Food Labeling Logo Examples


Consider The Cost of GMO Labeling Changes

For some companies, there may be a cost in producing new labels to fit the new GMO labeling legislation. On top of the design, the change would require reviewing the supply chain, checking recipes, evaluating logistics, etc. Not to mention the daily $1000 penalty if you label your genetically modified ingredients incorrectly.

Ingredient Swapping

While some companies are opting to retire products altogether, others are choosing to replace the genetically modified ingredients. Depending on what is being swapped, this can increase the price of the product. While avoiding the cost of the penalty, the cost of using other sources can still change a brand’s approach.

Unpleasant Recipe Alterations

On top of the potential price increase that comes with swapping ingredients, this strategy can also affect the taste of the product itself. For example, switching from oils (like cottonseed oil to something like peanut oil) can also introduce new allergens that customers would need to be aware of.  If this is the case, spending time and money on making your customers aware may play an important role.

Discontinue Shipping To Vermont

Another solution is to halt all shipments to Vermont completely. If GMO labeling legislation grows in popularity, this may not be a route brands can continue taking.


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