“Avery Dennison’s WB0030 wash-off adhesive has been approved by bottle deposit systems Returpack in Sweden and Infinitum in Norway for recycling PET bottles.

In Scandinavia, demand for labels that enable PET recycling is growing and new regulations are prioritizing this type of packaging over glass. However, labeling technology for PET beverage bottles must follow guidelines established by the bottle deposit systems Returpack and Infinitum, the company said in a statement.
The adhesive washes off in a 65 deg C caustic bath and leaves no residue behind. Any adhesive that remains on the label does not reactivate at lower temperatures.
Additionally, the label performs like any other conventional PP label and offers resistance against water whitening as well as printing performance with TC7007 topcoat. Suitable for converters partnering with brands that deliver beverages in the Scandinavian countries, it can be used on PET bottles for alcoholic beverages, juice, and water.
Liselotte den Ouden, film product manager at Avery Dennison, said: ‘This adhesive has the potential to make an important impact on PET recycling in several Scandinavian countries. Since it separates easily and cleanly from PET during the washing phase, it can ensure more beverage bottles successfully complete the recycling process and become something new. Converters will find that it performs much like conventional alternatives, so they can begin working with it immediately.’
Labels with this adhesive are available in white and clear options: PP50 TOP Clear WB0030 PET23 and PP60 CAVIT Top White WB0030 PET23.”