Great Lakes Label expands product offerings

In addition to label converting, Great Lakes Label is an authorized distributor for CTM, Universal, and AlTech label applicators.

Great Lakes Label expands product offerings

Greg Hrinya, Editor02.23.22

Great Lakes Label, a well-known label converter based in Comstock Park, MI, USA, continues to expand its versatile product portfolio. In addition to providing label solutions to its customers, Great Lakes Label is an authorized distributor for CTM, Universal, and AlTech label applicators.

The company distributes these products, along with providing service and support for each label applicator sold. Each machine offers speed, versatility, and dependability with applications ranging from box closure to clamshell.

In the case of the AlTech applicators, the products are modular and expandable for customers with ever-evolving needs. For Universal, the labeling machinery types include semi-automatic (table-top), automatic (inline), and print-and-apply labeling equipment.

Meanwhile, Great Lakes Label also provides The Label Gator, which is a complete labeling solution for the horticultural industry.

Great Lakes Label prides itself on offering a cradle-to-grave labeling solution for its customers. “We like to start with where the customer is at with their labeling and identify where they want to go in the future. Then, we’ll present them with the best path to get there,” explains Tony Cook, owner and CEO, Great Lakes Label. “We offer complete design of both graphics and label material constructions, as well as an automation side that can start with hand application, label dispensers all the way up to fully automatic labeling solutions with high-speed label application systems. We can start with an idea or concept, prototype various options, turn this into a product and then automate the application of the final label.”

Great Lakes Label has worked diligently to partner with its customers, ensuring they get the product that best meets their needs. The team will guide the customer – from start to finish – along their path. For example, if the customer is already using label applicators in their process and wants to expand or improve their capabilities, Great Lakes Label will explore options to upgrade existing capabilities or to provide a new system to reach their goals.

Great Lakes Label offers a variety of label applicators, from multiple applicator manufacturers, along with many product-handling partners that are offered based on the type of product and line speed that the customer requires.

“We normally have our technical sales work with their project engineers or production managers to get through the concept and development phase,” says Cook. “Once the right label applicator and product handling is selected, then Great Lakes Label brings the components into our shop and we assemble and integrate the systems together and conduct runoff tests. Customers are always welcome – and quite often do – come to our facility for applicator run-offs. We also offer these runoffs via Zoom. We then coordinate an installation and training time to install the labeling system.

“Depending on the complexity of the labeling system, installation can range from 1-5 days,” adds Cook. “We normally will stay for 1-2 days of production, running after the installation to ensure the customer is efficient at running their new labeling system.”

This system has proven to be successful, as Great Lakes Label has received many positive reviews for this added service.

“I have had many production managers and business owners contact me personally to tell me they have bought many pieces of equipment – of all types – over the years and that our entire sales and installation approach was one of the best experiences they have had,” comments Cook.

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