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Great Lakes Label unveils newest products for Label Gator brand

The new horticulture label, Lagit, benefits both the grower and the consumer while offering a more sustainable label option.


Great Lakes Label, the owner of the Label Gator brand, is providing an answer to the problems that growers and greenhouses began facing from the “big box” retailers. Tony Cook, owner, and CEO of Great Lakes Label took this opportunity to create a solution engineered with growers in mind: Label Gator Systems.

These machines automate the print and application process of labels. There are a large variety of different systems available and they can each be customized for a greenhouse’s specific needs. Customizations may include the addition of printers, rewinders, software, changes in your label database, and more.

The two newest solutions from the Label Gator team include a new type of horticulture label, patented by Great Lakes Label, and a new Label Gator System that cuts down on labor costs and downtime. Both of these solutions were created as a way to add sustainability to an operation.

The new horticulture label is called the Lagit. This new and patented label design benefits both the grower and the consumer while offering a more sustainable label option, especially compared to tags.

Lagit replaces the hanging and locking tags, and it can be applied automatically unlike tags. The new product is only 40% of the thickness of current tags, making it more sustainable, and 20% of the product is removed as the plant stake, the rest stays on the pot, and is recycled with the container. Lagit also reduces waste by allowing variable data to be printed directly on the label and stake portion.

Meanwhile, the newest Label Gator System is a 4-head system. This system has four label applicator heads and can have printheads added, too, making it a print and apply system. The four heads eliminate downtime when changing labels over, making it a more sustainable machine that saves on labor.

This system has other benefits, including a reduction of costs and labor by up to 10 people per line. Plus, printheads can be added to include variable data printing, which in turn lowers the inventory of unused items. There is a decrease in the amount of waste put into the environment by being label-compatible, as well.

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4-Head System

New Label Gator® Products - 4-head system

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The Lagit™

New Label Gator® Products - The Lagit™