Your Label Shouldn’t Appeal To Everyone

Your Label Shouldn’t Appeal To Everyone

The appeal of a label doesn’t rely on all shoppers’ interest, only the right demographics. In fact, don’t bother trying to attract all shoppers to your product. It’s a waste of time, energy and money. Instead, make your label more fitting for the right customers who will appreciate the brand values you offer. Afterall, other brands are a better fit for uninterested shoppers anyway.

Broad Appeal Is Overrated

First, there’s no possible way to appeal to everyone. However, if there was, would you want to? Instead of being seen as the best option for a group of people, you’d likely be seen as an average option for everyone. That doesn’t inspire brand loyalty or encourage a relationship between the brand and the customer. It likely would end up meaning that shoppers seek your brand when their three other industry favorites are out of stock. Be the brand that becomes your demographic’s number one favorite. The beloved brand. Be the sold-out brand.


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Get a Firm Perspective on Your Demographics

Before you focus on your demographic, consider who they are. What needs do you fill, and for whom does that solution help most? Make specific choices, and even create a buyer persona. Or, in other words, create a fictional character, name and all, and describe who they are, what they like, and what they need. Consider how your product currently meets their needs. Also, consider how your product and brand will develop to better meet their needs. Consider interviewing customers you currently have or send out surveys to gather details you’re not privy to. These surveys should ask about who they are, their personal habits and lifestyles, as well as why they like your product.

But Don’t Overdo It

While it’s important to know who you’re targeting, don’t spend time on who you want to detract. Don’t conduct surveys on who dislikes your product and why. It’s a waste of time. By putting your energy into cultivating value for your demographics, you’ll naturally detract the wrong people for your brand anyway. It’s important to take a look at reasons why your product and label design isn’t best serving your buyer persona, but considering those outside of your demographics is a waste of time.

Create Laser Focussed Design To Attract The Right People

So, once you know who you’re targeting, create a design that appeals to them. Again, sending out surveys and A/B testing design options is a fantastic way to get unbiased feedback without diving into clichés.

Enhance Designs With Innovative Techniques

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Create Content Specifically Matching Your Demographic’s Needs

Learn more about the labeling solutions Great Lakes Label offers.  We offer a variety of inks and coatings that create a label that excites customers. Download our e-book, The Resource Guide To All Things Inks & Coatings.

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