Label Things We’re Thankful For

Label Things We’re Thankful For

It’s Thanksgiving, so we’re discussing all things labeling that we’re thankful for, especially when it comes to building authentic connections between brands and shoppers. As a result, shoppers get more value out of products and brands outshine their competition. So, as you read this, consider the ways your labels give you an advantage. Also, consider the ways in which your competition is outshining you with these methods. Some are simple and even free! There’s no reason you can’t adopt them moving into the new year.

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Why We’re Thankful

As we mentioned, good label design is win-win for both the customers and the brand. That’s why this post reshares some of the most impactful ways to beat out your competition. Thoughtful and value-oriented design can mean something different for each industry and even each brand. So, the next time you’re designing or redesigning a label, consider the added value you can create.

Wine Traders' Labels - Moya Bordeaux, Gaby, Gaby Cuvee, DuParkInnovative Labeling Techniques

Innovative labeling techniques range from simple foiling to tactile coatings, and even holographic patterns. They enhance fonts, create lifelike graphics, but also add a luxury element to a design. As a result, techniques are extremely versatile in enhancing any branding. Regardless of how they’re used, they communicate that an immense amount of care went into creating the product. Plus, they create haptic interest and the more shoppers pick up your items, the more likely they are to make a purchase.


Pomagranate resealable Label by Great Lakes Label

Resealable Labels Produce Fresh Products

Whether you’re trying to keep produce fresh, or wet wipes moist, effective resealable labels are key. A label that reduces its tack over time means air gets into the package and ruins the product. So, ensure each and every use is like the very first time. Plus, ensure the pull tab offers ease in opening. You want your product to be accessible too after all. Again, creating a quality resealable label adds value to the product and provides customers with a greater sense of satisfaction in using the product.


Costa Farms Label by Great Lakes Label

Expanded Content

Booklet-style labels offer more pages to provide customers with information on the product and other added values. Labeling design space often feels limited as space is usually small. However, once panels open up to reveal more space, brief tutorials, translations, content links, and more can be provided. So, instead of trying to cram as much information on a front-facing label, it now is intelligently segmented. As a result, this makes it easier for customers to digest the information as well. Now there’s no need to skimp out on details. You can provide each customer with greater value.


Labeling Technology

In the same regard, link to more content using NFC (Near Field Communication), QR codes, or even simple URLs. Now content space is digitally limitless, and so are the means of engagement. From video tutorials, to blog posts, or even branded apps, provide customers with value throughout the lifecycle of the item they’ve purchased.  QR codes and URLs are even free to add! So brands just need to carve out a small space to include the graphic or text. That’s a simple investment when you consider the customer payoff. You’ll help customers find more value in your item, create a greater sense of brand loyalty, and even outshine your competition in-store.


wetstick label - great lakes label - strong label stocks for photo ready packaging

Durable Label Stocks

If your product is bound to get wet, even through condensation, ensure it will withstand moisture. The WetStick label uses such a strong adhesive chemistry that it can even be applied underwater! So, no more peeling or disintegrating labels. Again, it’s all about providing value and care. Show customers you’re committed to giving them the best experience possible when they use your products. It’s a simple touch that goes a long way.


Authenticity in Design

This is much more intangible but also makes all the difference. Is your brand trying to mimic others in your industry or simply working to keep up with the latest trends? You might find your labels falling flat if that’s the case. As a result of mimicking, you’re not finding authentic value for your items and for your customers. Once you figure out what sets your brand apart, maximize it. Lean into humor, sophistication, or local flare. Enhance that with the content you share on your label or the art style you use. Once you create labels from that authentic voice, shoppers will take notice and the right demographic will appreciate what your brand stands for.


moya wine label - wine traders - great lakes label

Developments in Sustainability

Sustainability is critical. That’s why FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and recyclable label stocks are becoming more and more popular. Again, this aligns with shoppers’ values and provides them with added benefits. Little changes like the label stock you use end up creating a massive overall impact. Once simple change at a time. While it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of foiling, it still excites shoppers to see positive changes made.


spectrophotometer - thankful for color management

Accuracy & Consistency in Label Printing

Color management is a crucial component to printing professional grade labels, but also for building trust with shoppers. In fact, customers are far less likely to buy an item from the shelf if the group of products features inconsistent color. We use a spectrophotometer which digitally tests color for consistency. So, everytime you print, you can count on it matching every single other batch of labels.


Learn more about what Great Lakes Label offers and how to incorporate various techniques into your label design. Download our e-book, Complete Labeling Solutions.

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