Labeling Needs of Beer Cans vs. Bottles

Labeling Needs of Beer Cans vs. Bottles

Beer cans and beer bottles have different labeling requirements. While the product remains the same, the container makes quite an impact in design.

wetstick label - great lakes label

The WetStick™ Label

The WetStick™ label offers superior label chemistry. It is so water resistant that you can even label your container underwater without undermining the adhesive! No more peeling, tearing or puckering. Create a professional look for your product.


Perrin Brewing Company Grapefruit beer cans Label - Great Lakes Label

Beer Cans

Consider that your cans will be seen as a pack as well as individually. Vibrancy is important. So, think big. How can you extend your logo and your graphics to fit the size of your label? Remember the face of the can. Looking head on, you should be able to see all of the imagery. None should wrap around the side to where you can’t see it.

Perrin Label by Great Lakes Label

Beer Bottles

With bottles smaller designs and logos are common. The label is shorter, making space even more valuable. What is the main message you are trying to convey? Lead the eye straight to where you want it by using white space or transparent label stock. Use innovative labeling techniques to highlight elements of your label and create a design that shines in the grocery store light. See below for more information.

The Secondary Label For Bottles’ Necks

Another difference between bottles and cans is the use of secondary labels. An option is to only print the logo on the label wrapping around the neck of your bottle. Or, emphasize your brand by printing a variation of your logo. Either way, the label’s space doesn’t offer room to dive into extensive copy. Establishing or re-enforcing your brand is enough.

Innovative Labeling Techniques

The Brewhouse R&D label above showcases foiling over the title, Grit Coat on the pumpkin stem and Motion Coat over the black background. Learn more about how haptic labeling positively impacts your customers and the ways you can create those positive associations by watching the below video.

Great Lakes Label’s Innovative Labeling Techniques

Great Lakes Label offers a variety of innovative labeling techniques that we create using the flexographic label press.


Learn more about what Great Lakes Label offers and how to incorporate various techniques into your label design. Download our e-book, Complete Labeling Solutions.

Labeling Solutions E-Book

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