Should You Be Labeling Product Reviews?

Should You Be Labeling Product Reviews?

Label & Narrow Web posted the article, “Use labels to showcase customer reviews” in their July/August issue. It proposes that brands provide customers with product reviews right there on the packaging. Use QR codes that link to Google or Facebook reviews. But is it worth the valuable space?

isle of products - should product reviews be incorporated?

A Case For Labeling Product Reviews

The above grocery aisle view can be overwhelming for customers. That’s exactly why we wrote the blog “10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Labeling” in the first place. It’s difficult to stand out and leave a good first impression. Reviews allow customers to see how satisfied others are with the product. It confirms that you offer them a quality item by using unbiased views.

You have options for how these reviews could be incorporated. While incorporating basic text, or even a QR code that links to reviews, NFC labeling keeps reviews off of your label design. This technology allows customers to link to your reviews by holding up their phones to the label. It does not need any graphic or text to be printed on the label, letting your design shine.


A Case Against Labeling Product Reviews

As mentioned, you limited labeling space is valuable. Not only that but regulatory and mandatory information crowding your label, things can get crowded fast. With minimalism still being a hot trend in packaging, why add another element?

NFC is a great option, but you also need to guarantee your reviews are always going to be good, or that your customer service team will professionally handle negative reviews. As mentioned in the Label & Narrow Web article, negative reviews can turn into positive experiences when handled correctly. But say your company has the misfortune of a recall. Suddenly new and negative reviews will be pouring in while the linked labels on other products are connecting people to unfortunate feedback.


What do you think?


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