Don’t Get Lost In Labeling Superstitions

Don’t Get Lost In Labeling Superstitions

Let’s clarify something. “Labeling superstitions” don’t involve walking under ladders or black cats crossing your path. No, instead, these are misconceptions about the label production process.

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Why do labeling superstitions exist?

Between self-conscious extrapolations from data, and the curse of comparison, these are persistent superstitions plaguing the industry. Instead of reading into articles, consider your options and then create your own data. See the superstition as a challenge for A/B testing, not an inaccessible measure of success.

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Labels That Touch Water Will Peel and Tear

Have you ever pulled a beer from a tub of ice to see that the label is peeling off? Or, have you peeled it off yourself after finding weak adhesive dissolving? This doesn’t have to be the standard for your brand. Regardless of industry, the WestStick™ label is a water and ice resistant label with an adhesive chemistry so strong that it can even be applied underwater. Show customers that your brand stands apart from the industry with professional product design.


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Labeling Your Product “Organic” is Ineffective & Not Worth Pursuing

You’ve likely seen data backed studies that customers don’t trust organic graphics on labels. That data is indisputable. What it doesn’t cover, however, is how the graphic fits in with the rest of the brand identity. Authenticity and clarity are key. If your product is organic and it’s important for customers to see your brand as thoughtful and empathetic, create labels that actually fit that message.

Yes, use the organic graphic. On top of that, link customers to a behind the scenes video on how the item is created. Show customers what makes it organic. It’s as simple as including a QR code.

Or, create sustainable labels. Put thought and care into other aspects of the label design that re-enforce that your brand is making moves to be better. Also, customers will engage with good design.


Shipwreck wine label - Great Lakes LabelGood Label Design Can’t Compete With Established Brands

Let’s say you’re a bottom shelf brand getting passed over. Consider ways in which your label design will work twice as hard to catch customer attention. Labeling techniques such as foiling catch the light and shine (wherever they are), ultimately catching customer attention. Don’t focus on competition, focus on improving your brand. Communicate the values of your brand so effectively customers won’t resist bending down.


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