Top 3 Labeling Trends For 2018

Top 3 Labeling Trends For 2018

The new year is here and it’s time to unveil our top 3 trend predictions for 2018. So, use these growing trends to develop your brand and create packaging that outshines your competition. As a result, the common thread among all trends is transparent communication. Whether that’s telling customers about the label stock, creating open processes, or even clear branding, it’s all there.

3. Sustainable Label Stock to Grow in 2018

moya wine label - wine traders - great lakes label 2018

Sustainable label stock such as this 30% recycled paper stock grew in popularity throughout 2017. So, as new packaging materials develop, sustainable stocks become more and more of a popular choice.  Both Avery Dennison and Wausau Coated offer various options, including stocks that are also FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) compliant.

2. Traceability For Accountability at Every Level

GS1 Traceability is an internal process which uses labeled packages and crates to communicate production progress. As a result, any business partners you have, including us, are accountable for their work and development with the order.


Labeling technology such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and even NFC (Near Field Communication) create simple, streamlined processes that create clear communication between the customer and the brand. While labeling technology advances businesses internally, externally it also enhances the customer experience. The technology links shoppers to even more content from the brand. Brands are increasingly creating helpful apps, video content, and blog content to share on their labels in this manner.


1. Innovative Techniques Increase in Popularity As Luxury Market Continues to See Growth

Great Lakes Label Wine Traders' Labels - Moya Bordeaux, Gaby, Gaby Cuvee, DuPark

We offer many innovative labeling techniques to use in your design:

These innovations create a label that communicates that your product is a luxury item. As the luxury market increases so does the importance of using techniques on your label design. We’re even seeing an increase in labeling techniques used in label design for handcrafted items. The more care that goes into making the product, the more care goes into the label.


Learn even more about what Great Lakes Label offers and how to incorporate various techniques into your label design. So, download our e-book, Complete Labeling Solutions.

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