Labels’ Colors Impact Shopping Online & In-Store

Labels’ Colors Impact Shopping Online & In-Store

According to this article by Packaging Europe, colors are the most significant factor in attracting customers to your product. This is good news for creating a compelling design for both e-commerce and in-store shopping.

Enhance Color on Social Media With Vibrant Backgrounds

Regardless of what your label looks like in-store, social media is a challenging arena. Techniques aren’t nearly as engaging in images as they are in person, and most of the time neither is color. With so much other competition and colorful posts, a simple white background doesn’t do as much for your product as a colorful one.


Something to note is the popularity of a brand aesthetic challenging what works for imagery on social media. If a bold background color doesn’t work for your company page, try using a color that pulls out the hues in your label while also adhering to the overall scheme.

Brewhouse beer - Great Lakes Label - bright blue background colors

Pull Out Colors On Dark or Neutral Labels

For many industries, predominantly white and black color schemes are the norm. Pull out accents with your background by complimenting or contrasting colors used on your label. As you can see by the above image, the blue background pulls out the blue in the title, “Brewhouse,” while it also contacts the orange pumpkin. Use Adobe Color for a free, quick method of finding which color will work best.


Duff beer label by Great Lakes Label - orange background

Make Vibrant Colors Pop on Bold Label Designs

This label offers vibrant greens and yellows that already pop off the dark brown bottle. Online, however, the colors aren’t as compelling as in real life. Again, use Adobe Color to find what background will pull the vibrant scheme together while making it pop from other posts in the newsfeed.

Labeling 101 Resource Center blog button Great Lakes Label - high qualityEnhance Colors With Innovative Labeling Techniques

Not sure how much of a difference labeling techniques make? Check out this blog where we compare the same label with and without various innovative labeling techniques. Even just the digitally altered results will shock you.

Swarm R&D label by Great Lakes Label - gold colors enhanced with foiling and tactile screen

The above Swarm label features a lot of golden yellow hues. First, the background enhances that with a metallic stock. It creates a realistic, rich gold that shines online and off. Then, a tactile screen over the swarm title makes the color glisten in the light in a different way from the stock. While this technique doesn’t wow online, it does in-store. Foiling also creates this beautiful shimmer.

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