Labeling innovations are crucial in appealing to customers’ senses or in building a luxury packaging look. It’s one thing to compare various labels without techniques to other labels that have them, but we’re going a step further. With the use of digital editing, we’re showing you how the same product looks with and without labeling techniques.


Gaby With and Without Techniques

Gaby Label With and Without Techniques

This wine label prominently features gold labeling throughout the label design. The foiling allows the version on the right to stand out and catch the light as customers walk by the bottle. On the left, the muted colors work well together, but it doesn’t pop. While the picture doesn’t effectively show the embossed border of gold details, this is a crucial technique in creating a luxury aesthetic once the customer has the product in their hands.THYK With and Without Techniques

THYK Label With and Without Techniques

On the right, the THYK label features Motion Coat on the background and foiling on the titles. On the left, the product is left looking flat, dark and bland. In fact, the blank space on the left seems so much larger without the labeling technique. If showcasing your product as a high-quality beauty item, the label on the right communicates that branding while the one of the left does not.

Peony With and Without Techniques

Peony Label With and Without Techniques

Much like the wine label, without using MiraFoil, the design falls flat. Sure, the dark black ink counters the vibrant pink and orange, but the shimmer customers would see walking through the isle would be much more likely to make them pick the item up. The title, “Peony,” also looks lackluster in comparison to the version on the right-hand side.


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