Want Your Labels to Astound Customers? Listen to Them.

Want Your Labels to Astound Customers? Listen to Them.

Listen, it sounds simple, but it also requires a brand to drop the sales pitch. It means the only agenda is to better understand your customers, and how profitable is that? Well, it’s actually very profitable. By creating labels that excite, and provide value, the more sales there will be. As a result of good design, the relationship between the customer and your brand grows.

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First, ensure you’re keeping up with direct messages or comments on your posts. Consider if negative feedback is truly trolling, or if there’s value to be cultivated. Consider going the extra mile by sending the person a survey to dig deeper into their concerns. See if there’s a way their patronage is valuable to your brand while you also consider their concerns in a controlled manner.

Or, direct customers to your pages and hashtags on your label designs. This way, customers know where to post feedback that will be seen. Of course, this requires maintenance. Ensure you respond to posts as well as like them. Also, remember to search for indirect posts by searching your brand name without the @ or relevant hashtags not necessarily promoted by your brand. For example, we might search for #GLL even if we don’t use that hashtag.

A/B Testing Offers Practical Advice

A/B testing is the process of testing design elements and gathering feedback to create more captivating packaging. By gathering this hands-on feedback, the data makes it easier to provide value to customers. Also, it provides the structure that prevents sales pitches and keeps the focus solely on the customer.


Learn more about how we can bring your wildest label design concepts and durability requirements to life. While techniques are important and exciting, there’s so much more to your label. Download our Label Project Guide e-book.


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