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We offer a variety of innovative labeling techniques for luxury design:

  • Cold Foil – a vibrant foiling technique where an image is printed onto the label substrate with the use of a special UV-curable cold foil adhesive
  • Hot Stamp – a bold foiling technique where the metallic pigment coat is transferred from a ribbon or plastic material known as the “carrier” to the surface of the material
  • MiraFoil – a precise ink which creates foil in any design and color
  • MotionCoat – a mixture of texture and color which creates a holographic look which catches the light
  • Embossing – an impression on the label which uplifts desired features
  • Tactile Coating – a coating applied onto labeling features with a plate. It creates a raised look
  • Cast & Cure – a multi-color, holographic aesthetic which changes colors as it catches the light
  • Tri-Panel Labeling – a booklet style label which can be opened to provide the customer with more information on the product
  • Soft Touch – a matte and cashmere soft coating
  • Metallic Stock – a label stock with vibrant shine

Innovative Labeling Techniques

Showcased are the varying innovative labeling techniques that Great Lakes Label uses such as mirafoil, cold foil, hot stamp, tactile screen, embossing, rotar...

Label Portfolio

Portfolio of labels printed by Great Lakes Label. Here is a preview of some labels we have created. (2019)


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