This article by BXP discusses the various ways that the luxury industry is changing. As the market increases, it makes sense that customer demographics are changing, and so are their needs. By updating your concept to make it more approachable, your products will find a new audience and delight customers.

luxury and approachable candle labels

Approachable Social Media Influencers

It’s not about what you own, it’s the lifestyle. Social media influencing goes beyond celebrity endorsements. Instead, these days fashion bloggers are as crucial to gaining consumer loyalty. Also, making your label beautiful is critical for increasing sales. In short, make your product Instagramable and impossible to ignore.

As the rise of Apple products began, so did sharing unboxing videos of their products. Younger customers follow brands that incorporate the broader picture of a lifestyle. It comes back to wanting to invest money into brands that consider what will happen after the point of sale.


Luxury is Value

As smart packaging gains popularity and younger generations take to personalized shopping experiences, luxury products become more about value gained from a product. Luxury packaging can and should go beyond beautiful art and innovative techniques. Personalization takes it a step further and incorporates quality into the packaging design.


Customize your labels to connect with customers and also enhance the user experience. Incorporating customer names has become popular with the rise of personalized coke labels. Custom shampoo that is built specifically for your haircare needs is rising in popularity as well. This trend even goes beyond simple name swaps on digitally printed labels. If creating custom products for every customer is out of reach, create packaging suited for specific locations. Cultural references play into lifestyle approach of marketing.


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