Madama Rosmerta at ArtPrize

Madama Rosmerta at ArtPrize

Our Facebook event page for Madama Rosmerta provides information on ArtPrize and our entry. Learn about the lore of the Celtic goddess, Rosmerta and also learn more about the artist, April Lytle. In this blog, we’ll be looking at the progression of the piece itself and how our labels are incorporated.

The Beginning: Labels And A Concept

The Celtic goddess, Rosmerta symbolized birth and rebirth. So, it’s fitting that samples of Great Lakes Label’s work partially creates this ArtPrize entry. Lytle’s piece turns the practical into the beautiful. It’s also because of the practical nature of labels that this piece is beautiful.

Madama Rosmerta concept drawing by April Lylte - Rosmerta wears a gown and flower crown. She looks over her shoulder with a hand up to her mouth. She's holding a bouquet.

Above is the original concept sketch for Madama Rosmerta. And, below are some of the samples sent from Great Lakes Label. The overall color scheme is pink, purple, yellow, red, and orange. A warm scheme. This itself says a lot about Rosmerta.

sample labels provided by Great Lakes Label - including beer, food, pet, industrial and beverage labelssample labels provided by Great Lakes Label including beer, industrial, animal food, and food labels

Next Came Flowers…Lots of Flowers

The bouquet needs flowers, flower crown, and the frame. Check out these examples of the label samples transformed into pretty flowers for the goddess, herself.

flowers for ArtPrize entry by April Lytle using Costa Farms' Tropic Escape, Wine Traders' Moya and Wine Traders' Plot 88 labelsFlowers for Madama Rosmerta by April Lytle made with Monrovia R&D label and Wine Traders' Moya label

Madama Rosmerta Starts to Take Shape

Painting begins, and the canvas springs to life. Here is the sneak peek of the work in progress.

Collage of details on Madama Rosmerta progress - painted by April Lytle for ArtPrize 2017

Starting today, you can check out this entry for yourself!

Madama Rosmerta At ArtPrize 2017

Madama Rosmerta is a collaborative art piece created by artist April Lytle. Madama Rosmerta, the Celtic goddess of fertility and rebirth will be constructed out of various labels. This piece is a rebirth of the functional into the extraordinary. It is created in collaboration with Great Lakes Label (

ArtPrize 2017 – Madama Rosmerta by April Lytle

September 20th – October 8th

Manic Muse

5 Lyon St NW

Grand Rapids, Michigan



Innovative Labeling Techniques Found on Piece

From foiling to embossing, this piece features a lot of labeling techniques. The golden flowers found in the first creation images all use metallic stock. This stock glistens in the light, adding dimension to the art. The white, blue, and green Moya wine label is printed on a recycled paper stock.


Request label samples to see some of the labels and labeling techniques featured in this blog.

Get label Samples CTA

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