How to Make Dark Label Design Pop

How to Make Dark Label Design Pop

A dark label makes for a sophisticated looking label. That said, it can often blend in on the shelf and hide among the vibrant packaging. So, how can you create a dark label that stands out? First things first, lean into the luxurious look.

El Pial Label by Great Lakes LabelDuparc wine label - wine traders - great lakes label - dark label

Unique Shapes For a Dark Label

As seen in the El Pial tequila label above, and the Bissell R&D label below, unique shapes create interest. The El Pial label is an excellent example because the label leads the customer to pick up the bottle. Once they do, they ultimately twist it for more information. The eye-lines draw the viewer in and around the bottle.

Monrovia Label by Great Lakes LabelBissell Cast & Cure - Great Lakes Label

Pair With Innovative Labeling Techniques

The labels shown include the following techniques:


These techniques not only add interest but also create depth in your design. With the Chateau Du Parc label, the embossing and foiling take a monochromatic label and make it look timeless and luxurious. Although the embossing doesn’t add color, it creates a texture that customers will want to reach out and touch.


Dark labels already imply luxury or sophistication because of our previous associations. Lean into that implication with stunning techniques. Even if your product isn’t a luxury product, the care put into the label design will delight customers. Or, use techniques to create a handcrafted feel, and provide a personal touch. Once you do this, you’ll find sales increase.


Learn about how innovative labeling techniques can bring your spooky design to life! Download our e-book, The Complete Guide to Innovative Labeling Techniques.

Great Lakes Label Innovative Labeling Techniques E-Book Download

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