Make Your Labels Look Amazing In 5 Days

Make Your Labels Look Amazing In 5 Days

This is a 5-day guide to making your current labels look amazing. It’s perfect for designing promotional labels or reinventing your current design.

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Brewhouse R&D Beer Label

Day 1 – Test Your Current Label

The easiest way to unbiased feedback is to send out a questionnaire about how impactful the current design is. The more feedback the better, so email it to your subscribers, share it on social media or even print out physical copies to share.

Once you receive your feedback, decide what the common threads are and use that as a launching pad. While not everyone is right, and not everyone will agree, it will give you a general idea of where you can improve. For seasonal or promotional labels, this feedback acts as a testing ground. Should it be successful, consider what traits in that design are worth incorporating into your standard label.


Day 2 – Give Your Labels More Practical Uses

These days, labels don’t just offer the customer nutritional information. Now they are packed with labeling technology and practical design elements. Decide how your label can offer the customer a practical use past the point of purchase.


Day 3 – Make Your Labels Look Amazing

Time for the design. Spend some time looking at current design trends. Experiment with transforming your current label into something bold, minimalistic or luxurious. Decide which style best suits the feedback you received and suits the smart labeling. Go with that.


Day 4 – Test Your Label Again

Share more questionnaires, now about the new design. Get a sense of if your instinct was accurate. Should these results disappoint, test with one of the other experimental designs you created on day Repeat until a design lands.


Day 5 – Incorporate Innovative Labeling Techniques

Now that the hard part is over, consider what techniques will make your label pop. Emphasize graphics and titles with simple embossing or foiling, or go bold with holographic techniques such as Motion Coat and Cast & Cure. Especially where luxury and handcrafted products are concerned, innovative labeling techniques delight customers and increase sales.


Are you interested in learning more about what Great Lakes Label offers, or how to incorporate these techniques into your label design? Get label samples to see these techniques in person!

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