How Do You Measure The ROI of Label Content?

How Do You Measure The ROI of Label Content?

ROI, or Return on Investment, can and even should be measured with label content. This provides an opportunity to understand the success of the piece, and even how to revive it. As a result, actively watching the results creates power in creating valuable content for your labels. No redesign even required!

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How to Measure The ROI

Set up tracking methods for any other connective links. So, install the Facebook pixel, watch your Hotjar recordings, and monitor Google analytics to better understand people’s path to getting to your content. Or, for hashtags, create something unique for that label design only. Once engagement occurs, take note of that interaction for the duration of the promotion.

Better still, for webpage content, create a unique link or page during the promotion. Make it so that only those connecting through the label link will be lead to that specific item. Then, from there, those who sign up for a newsletter, or make a purchase are easier to track. For video content or social media pages, make the landing page one of your own webpages simply to control the pathway.

Prepare For it Ahead of Time

An even better method is to create a plan, and a plan b, before the campaign begins. What specific measures will be put in place to see how people travel throughout your content and website? Then, which departments need access to the notes to add pertinent information? For example, while the marketing department may track visitors and website purchases through Google Analytics, consider how customer service will monitor cold calls and emails. Then, provide them access to any files necessary.

As the campaign is underway, also consider the feedback, or lack thereof, and how the content can be updated without changing the link on the label. So, if an e-book isn’t resonating with customers, maybe they aren’t giving it a chance based on a bland cover. Simply update it and re-upload it to your webpage. Since the webpage landing page link doesn’t change, the label is still effective.


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