Mental Wellness Trending in Luxury Label Design

Mental Wellness Trending in Luxury Label Design

Mental Wellness is a trend we explored over on our Label Gator blog for horticulture labeling. What we’re seeing in that market is a shift toward creating plant-filled spaces for breaths of fresh air. Whether it encourages meditation, yoga, or simply a quiet mind, it’s something that will continue to grow in 2018.

The meditation app, Headspace is valued at roughly $250 million with 11 million downloads. What does that tell you? Well, for starters, that this isn’t a passing trend. Much like yoga has prevailed and grown in popularity in the western world over the years, so does meditation.

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Why Mental Wellness Makes Sense For Luxury Label Design

Self-care is a part of our global lexicon. Instead of pushing on, people are learning to step back and pause for a moment. With the cell phone addictions and the technology-obsessed world, stepping back allows for mindfully moving forward.

Luxury products feed the self-care routine in many cases. A luxurious, handcrafted glass of wine to sip and savor. A beauty routine built to slow down and care for one’s own skin. Or, even an extra special snack while watching movies. They all incorporate products into the mindfulness routine. While the luxury market increases and mental wellness turns from a trend to a way of life, combine the concepts.


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How Luxury Labels Can Incorporate Mindfulness Themes

How do your customers use your product? Is there a scenario where they use it to unwind? If so, work with that. If not, do market research to make sure your assumption is, in fact, correct. Think big picture. Think out of the box. Or, think about all possibilities before dismissing the idea that your product won’t help your customers in that way.

You sell tires. That doesn’t scream self-care, but where can tires take you? To the beach? To go hiking? Or, to a quiet cottage up north? Use a label to remind your customers what your product offers them. Show them how your product will reconnect them to their sense of calm.


Labeling Technology’s Impact

Connect with your customers in a variety of ways. Use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), NFC (Near Field Communication), or simple and free QR codes. Link customers to self-care routines involving your product right there in the grocery store aisle. Also offer video content, blogs, apps, and anything else designed to improve their quality of life.

Anything you can do to add extra value for your customers will position your brand as a thought leader. It will also position you as thoughtful a brand that cares. Show customers how your product lets them get back to enjoying life.

Connect With Hashtags

Looking to create a global community? Create a hashtag where your customers can go to share stories, recipes, meditation koans, or pictures of beautiful vistas where they’ve enjoyed your product. Then follow through. Use the responses to engage directly with customers and share inspirational thoughts, positive vibes, and personalized recommendations. Mindfulness is about human to human and earth to human connection. It’s not about material possession, so as hard as that may be for a brand, it’s your responsibility to move past it. Create a personal touch with your brand at every level.


Naked Princess resealable labels altogetherCreate Uplifting Associations With Mental Wellness Using Innovative Labeling Techniques

Haptic labeling is labeling that engages customers’ senses. So, when a customer picks up your packaging and feels the Soft Touch coating, it reminds them of positive memories and subconsciously makes them more comfortable. The opening and closing of the resealable facial wipes above snaps them into the present moment while they smell the incredible and relaxing scent.


Create Your Design From A Genuine Place

The mental wellness way of life is not about material possessions, so creating an impactful label design seems inherently counterintuitive. Work with that thought for a second. Evaluate how your product makes a positive impact on someone. Again, do market research if need be. Just consider how your label works with your product to make life easier. Envision aspirational places your product may take them. Or, if all else fails, use innovative labeling techniques to take your customers to another place right there in the aisle of the grocery store.

The old advertising tactics of making a person feel incomplete without your product are not welcome here. Don’t connect customers to the Headspace meditation app just because. No, just consider how your product intersects with making a positive influence.

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Recycled Stock & Environmentally Conscious Labeling

While not directly related, using sustainable stock is important. It communicates you hold the same values as your customers and their vision to reconnect with the world around us. Luckily, recycled label stock like the above example is an ideal wine stock. Your luxury item is good for the environment and it conveys luxury. It also is arguably providing a haptic texture for customers to enjoy. It’s win-win-win.

So, with that said, don’t stop at the words on your label when designing for mental wellness. How does every single element factor in? It’s more than standing out from your competition. Instead, it’s about creating a lasting relationship with your customers. It’s also about creating labels that make a positive impact on people. It’s about helping people to feel more human, more inspired, and living more presently.


Learn about how innovative labeling techniques can bring your design to life! Download our e-book, The Complete Guide to Innovative Labeling Techniques.

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