Great Lakes Label offers an in-house design team. We’re here to help you with your toughest labeling problems. Our team is able to make suggestions on using innovative labeling techniques to improve your product’s marketability. Take a look at some of our teams’ work to get a sense of our capabilities.

Peony hand soap label with mirafoil - Great Lakes LabelTHYK hair label with motion coat - Great Lakes Label

Health & Beauty Products

From hair care to body wash, Great Lakes Label understands what your demographic is looking for. Innovative techniques like MiraFoil (Peony label) and MotionCoat (THYK label), used in the above designs, to stand out on the grocery store shelf and provide a luxury look. Outside of using techniques, Great Lakes Label can deliver professional and eye-catching design.


Brewhouse beer - Great Lakes LabelShipwreck wine label - Great Lakes Labeldigitally printed wine labels by Great Lakes Label in house design

Beer, Wine & Beverage

Great Lakes Label works with digital presses, ideal for short, simple runs, and flexographic presses, ideal for longer runs and innovative techniques. The Brewhouse and Shipwreck labels (top two images), printed on the flexographic press, for high quality and definition. MotionCoat, Rotary Screen, and foiling enhance the design. The bottom labels printed using the digital printing press, for quick and short runs. No art? Not a problem. We have a wide range of images to choose from.


Meijer Coctail Peanuts label - Great Lakes Label

Food, In-House Design & Misc

Whether you need a simple adjustment made to your plant’s barcode label, or you need a redesign for your peanut pouch label, Great Lakes Label has you covered. In the above design, Tactile Screen was used to make realistic peanuts and Mirafoil was used on the details. Great Lakes Label prints labels for every industry and the same goes for design.  No matter what your needs are, Great Lakes Label has experience in your industry to make a label that meets industry standards and provides a competitive look.

Are you interested in learning more about how we can bring your wildest label design concepts to life? Download our Label Project Guide e-book.


Label Project Guide E-Book Download

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