There are significant differences between Mirafoil, Cold Foil and Hot Stamp. Not only are the processes different, but so are the results. Find out which option is right for your label.


The Cold Foil Process

As seen below, the adhesive is first applied to the plate. The foil is then applied and cured with ultra-violet light. What’s left is the metallic design on your label. With cold foiling, you choose between using gold, silver or red foil stock. If you want any other color for your cold foiling details, it must be added overtop of the silver foiling.


Cold Foil process step one


 Cold Foil process step two


Cold Foil process step three


The Hot Stamp Process

For the difference between cold foil and hot stamp, see our previous blog!


The MiraFoil process

MiraFoil is applied the same way color is. Sweet and simple. As seen below, it rolls on to the plate and voila! Looking for variance? To add any PMS color, print over the foil with another plate. This creates your one of a kind label.


MiraFoil process


What’s the difference between the two? Or, which one is right for your label?


Brewhouse beer - Great Lakes Label
Hot Stamp
  • non-polluting since materials are dry
  • brilliant shine
  • color accuracy
  • the foil is a one time use


swarm beer label - Great Lakes Label

Cold Foil
  • must run at slower speeds due to curing
  • accurate with color specificity
  •  the foil is a one time use
  • must purchase foil and adhesive for process
  • brilliant shine

Don Anselmo Label by Great Lakes Label

Mira Foil
  • run at higher speeds since this foil doesn’t need time to cure
  • displays finer details
  • accurate with color specificity
  • use with any substrate (yes, even including rougher stock)
  • no waste, use as much of the liquid as needed


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