MiraFoil is a precise foiling technique which applies to label stock with little waste. This is because it’s an ink. Here is how designs use it to create a luxurious and stand-alone look. This technique heightens any packaging style, regardless of industry.


Don Anselmo Label by Great Lakes Label


MiraFoil Titles on Wine Stock

On the above label, you can see that MiraFoil is used over the title, subtitle, sunrise motif and label border. Using a wine stock gives a unique look to the foiling technique that works well with the upscale packaging. MiraFoil is the perfect technique brands in the wine and spirits industry looking to pair a luxurious stock with fine labeling techniques.


Calm Raddler beer label for Goose Island printed by Great Lakes Label

Titles on Other Stocks

As you can see on the above label, the shine of the foiling has a different quality compared to other stocks. Keep in mind, over top of the MiraFoil is a tactile coating though. The tactile coating is what is giving that raised texture.

The foil has a more brilliant shine and perfectly color matches the rest of the label. It creates a cohesive look with a pop that customers won’t be able to look away from. You’ll notice that the foiling is used through the fine curls on the subtitle of the label, which is something we’re about to look at…


Peony hand soap label with mirafoil - Great Lakes Label


Intricate & Precise Designs

This image of the peony is created solely through MiraFoil. The precision needed for this design is perfect for this foil ink, which has the ability to form very fine lines.  Again, the look is one of luxury, perfect for the beauty industry.



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