Mixing Brand Aesthetics For Labels in Product Collaborations

Mixing Brand Aesthetics For Labels in Product Collaborations

Mixing brand aesthetics is a complicated design task when the looks clash. Color schemes, graphics styles, and fonts all interplay in collaborations. There are, however, simple ways to make the label design look far more cohesive.

Nature Valley Yoplait 7-11 Label Printed by Great Lakes Label - mixing brand aestheticsIt’s Your Product, So Keep Your Branding When Mixing Brand Aesthetics

Simplicity is a fantastic way to ensure both aesthetics mix well. So, incorporating fonts from your logo in other copy, or colors from your logo, offer a baseline to refer to. Some logos and color schemes will match pretty well, which is great! It makes it a lot easier in that case. However, other collaborations will not be so fortunate. In that case, increase whitespace between the logos or imagery from your collaborator’s brand. It gives some rest for the eye and makes it easier to infuse some neutral colors around their portion of the label if applicable.


Find Commonalities

What do your two brands have in common? Try working from there. Are there similar colors, font styles, or graphics used? Work from there.

When there aren’t many commonalities, consider what colors, fonts, and graphics your brand uses that compliments elements in theirs? Although this isn’t a direct similarity, it provides a place to start with what elements mesh well. It just takes one spark of an idea to better weave the branding together seamlessly.


Draw The Eye Using Innovative Labeling Techniques

Innovative labeling techniques such as foiling and embossing create separation from the different design elements on your label. Plus, when they catch the light, techniques draw the eye to your product and to specific areas they’re applied to. It’s creative control over dividing contrasting elements on one label and also mixing it together. With holographic styles like Motion Coat or Cast & Cure, contrasting colors appear to fit in more with the technique used.


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