Creating eye-catching design is crucial to enticing a potential customer to pick your product up off of the shelf. Motion coat is a labeling technique that adds texture and dimension to your flexographic label, drawing the eye straight to your product. It’s the perfect addition to label backgrounds, adding depth to an otherwise plain space.


Meijer taditional trail mix label - Great Lakes Label


Shape & Color

This labeling technique can be used with a variety of colors, matching your product’s scheme and branding seamlessly. As seen above, motion coat can effectively take on a variety of different shapes and sizes. This is a coating that is as flexible as it is strong.


THYK hair label with motion coat - Great Lakes Label Collage for Website



There are many patterns your motion coat can take for your packaging!  Above are examples of lightning bolts (as well as the inverse) using the coating, and more basic patterns where the motion coat creates a sunbeam type of effect. Stylistically, this allows the coating to fit better into your design, brand and product’s style. If using motion coat to cover the whole background of the pressure sensitive label is overwhelming for your product, try using motion coat on a shape instead. The customization possibilities are endless!


Brewhouse beer - Great Lakes Label


Industry Impact

This technique is appropriate for a variety of industries. From beauty to the beverage, to anything in between, motion coat can provide you with a high quality, professional looking label. It can also be mixed with other techniques for maximum appeal. Above, The Brewhouse label showcases motion coat, foiling and grit coat on the stem of the pumpkin. Mixing coatings and techniques can amplify the tactile appeal of your design.


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