Motion Coat is an eye-catching technique that you can use on your label to create a high-quality look.

It adds dimension and texture to your label, which is the perfect way to fill the background of your label, which would otherwise be plain or a blank space.

This technique can be used with a variety of colors, shapes, and patterns to match your product and branding.

THYK hair label with motion coat - Great Lakes Label Collage for Website

Above, you can see three different shapes and patterns used, all with the same background color – silver. The top image showcases lightning bolts, while the next uses the inverse effect of that, and the bottom image has a stripe-like starburst effect.

These various patterns of the motion coat technique, give the label a little something different. The first ones with the lightning bolt, give off a more “fierce” vibe, while the stripe/starbust background adds a feel of sleekness. The versatility of this labeling technique allows you to choose which pattern works best for you and your brand.

Below, you can see examples of the motion coat used with different colors.

The fact that this technique can be used in carious colors, gives it even more versatility and makes it a cool technique that you could begin using in your branding, and become known for.

Ideas for your brand:

  • Maybe you have a fall line of soap or drinks with orange hues on your label, but you want to make your winter line of products with blue colored labels. You could brand these with similar images, yet change up the colors and keep the motion coat technique as the background to solidify and keep your branding consistent.
  • Use the same content & color all over the label, but vary the motion coat pattern/shape, so that there are two or three varieties of your label out there. Keep them similar, yet different, and your repeat consumers may want to buy all three versions!
  • Try the motion coat technique in combination with other labeling techniques to create an even more unique look.

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