Motion Coat – #TechniqueTuesday

This technique will add texture, dimension, & motion to your label! This will help catch your consumer’s eye, urging them to pick up your product to take a closer look at it, and your label!

It is the perfect addition to add some motion to the background of your label, where you would otherwise usually only have a solid or plain background.

motion coat technique
Here, you can see how the light hits the background, adding a ton of dimension.

A few more ways you can customize with the Motion Coat Technique is:

  • Pattern – you can change the pattern of the motion coat from lines to lightning bolts, circles, and so on! The customization is endless so that you can do what fits your brand.
  • Shape – the shape you choose to cover with the Motion Coat technique is also customizable. You can cover a shape on your label or the background of it.
  • Color – this technique can be used with a variety of different colors so that your label stays true to your branding.
Brewhouse beer - Great Lakes Label
The Motion Coat technique on black is more subtle than the previous example, but it still catches the eye.

Check out this high-quality labeling technique today!

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