Multimedia Label Marketing Takes Over

Multimedia Label Marketing Takes Over

Multimedia label marketing involves a link between a label and content. Whether it’s NFC (Near Field Communication), QR codes or GS1 Mobile Scan, enhance the customer experience. Provide them with your website, product information, videos or social media links and make a connection.

Image of GS1 mobile scan from
Image of GS1 mobile scan from

Multimedia Labels Worth Scanning

We’ve previously looked at ways that smart labeling was developing. While a QR code remains a classic method of connecting people to further content, new methods are emerging. NFC is a form of label technology that allows customers to scan the label merely by holding up their phone to it. The customer doesn’t need to lift a finger for more information which enhances their experience. The less time fumbling with a phone, the better.


Another method that is quickly developing into a favorite is the GS1 Mobile Scan. As their web page states, “GS1 US Mobile Scan-enabled packages have a DWCodeTM, a nearly invisible digital watermark that can be read by enabled POS scanning systems and smartphones.”


This is groundbreaking innovation.

Imagine how much more thorough you can be with customer engagement throughout the sale life cycle! Create supplementary apps, video tutorials, or DIY project blog posts to provide the customer with a lifestyle. Packaging goes beyond pretty design. Now, more than ever, packaging needs to enhance the customer’s life.

While this may seem geared toward fun and whimsy, it also has practical uses. For food products, it makes it easier for people with dietary restrictions and allergies to find what they’re looking for. For vegetarians and vegans, this goes beyond food. Clothing, beauty, and food are the primary industries that keep vegans and vegetarians on their toes. Now, they have all the information they need at their fingertips for cruelty-free and animal product free items.


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