February 22nd marks National Margarita Day!

You can’t have a margarita without tequila, so check out some tequila labels we have produced for various customers over the years.

happy national margarita day - don Anselmo tequila label featured

Combined Techniques: 

This label for Don Anselmo Tequila comes in a variety of colors – depending on the type of tequila. Here, if you look closely you will see a few labeling techniques used to help add to the look of the label. Foil (shiny metallic) and embossing (raised 3-D effect) are both used.

See the label techniques up closely here: 

tequila labels on bottle clear

Transparency is Key:  
Using both a clear film label and a clear container/package, you can create a cool, unique effect. On the El Gruellense Tequila, you can see that the front label is clear, yet easily readable. Next, you can see an image coming through the bottle from the inside of the back label.

tequila labels featured for margarita day

With the two tequila bottles to the left, you can see each uses some of the above techniques, clear label, clear container, and foil/embossing!

These are just a few different examples of the various ways you can use these techniques.

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