• January 12th marks National Pharmacist Day •

Great Lakes Label Pharmacy Labels

Labeling in pharmacies is extremely important!

We use the highest quality stocks for direct thermal printing which are compatible with a wide range of pharmacy application systems. Our experts are here to help you identify the right label to meet your specific requirement.

Why is a pharmacy label important?

  • Helps ensure accurate prescription dispensing – with having the name & mg on it.
  • Tells you the correct way to store it
  • Correct Dosage
  • Usage instructions
  • Ingredients can be listed
  • Side effects or interactions are written
  • Warnings or errors to avoid
  • And more!
meijer pharmacy labels stacked - photo taken for national pharmacist day
booklet pharmacy label
Great Lakes Label Meijer Pharmacy Labels

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Nothing is more important than making sure your pharmaceutical products or medicine are labeled, safely, securely, and correctly!


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