Happy National Pizza Day!

If you own a pizza place, have you looked into getting tamper-evident labels for your pizza boxes to ensure security and gain the trust of your customers?

Tamper Evident Labels are labels that you place over the closing edge of your pizza box, as demonstrated below.

tamper evident pizza label

Once the pizza box has been opened or the label has been peeled up or picked at, the label will let you know.

If the box has been opened or tampered with once it is sealed, then the label will let you know. The label is created with star-shaped cut-outs on it that are left behind when the label is peeled up. This shows the customer that the box and label have been tampered with and they know their food is no longer safe. If the box and label are both intact, then the customer can be assured of the safety of their food and have trust it has not been tampered with.

ripped tamper label

Box that has been tampered with

tamper evident label

Intact label & box 

These generic tamper-evident labels (seen above) are available for purchase, as well as branded ones with your own logo and brand’s message on it.

Rocky Rococo pizza label

To the left, you can see an example of a branded tamper-evident pizza box label for Rocky Rococo!

They used their logo and colors (red & green),  added a spot for their website URL, and advertised for their app – all on this ONE label.

They are not only keeping the food safe for their customers but they are also giving themselves another spot to advertise and put their branding right where their customers will have to see it. They have to remove the label to open their pizza box, and they will have to look at it to check that it has not been tampered with. It is a win-win! Both the business and the consumer benefit from the use of this label!

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