New food labeling regulations are being set in place and will be required from July 2018, onward. Not sure you know what regulations these are? See below.


New Food Labeling Regulations

  • Clear information on product’s calories
  • Clear identification of added sugars such as fructose and corn syrup
  • Labeling of nutritional content


Panchy Juice Drink - New Food Labeling Regulations Example


Okay, so now you know what you need to include, but what can you do to maintain design balance?

Start by taking an assertive approach. Leaving these inclusions to the last minute could seriously harm your shelf appeal. Complying for the sake of compliance is different than seeing these changes as an opportunity for design growth.


Once you begin the redesign process, you may find it is more complex than just adding the new information. The balance or focus on your label may be changed. Look for solutions that help draw the eye right where you want it. Maybe that means including labeling techniques such as foiling or embossing. Or, you may find a booklet style label helpful in giving you more space to include these new requirements. The Tri-Panel Label is an example of this innovation.


If these new regulations showcase your product in a negative light, to a point where customers will turn away, this is an issue beyond redesign. If your product needs to be redeveloped, then these regulations can be proudly displayed front and center. You might even be developing a redesign for a product that could benefit from displaying this information. Regardless, you have competitors who will stand out because of this new adjustment, and that’s something to keep in mind moving forward.


Do these new food labeling regulations affect your brand? Learn labeling basics and discover the right solution for your brand by downloading our e-book, The Label Project Guide.


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