Avery Dennison receives USDA certification for new hot-melt adhesive

The product offers brands new opportunities to promote sustainable packaging to customers by replacing petroleum-derived products with renewable resources.

Avery Dennison usda hot melt adhesive labels on food and drinks

Avery Dennison has achieved BioPreferred Certification from the USDA for a new hot-melt adhesive, the company has announced. The certified adhesive offers brands new opportunities to promote sustainable packaging to their customers by replacing petroleum-derived products with renewable agricultural resources.

In its 2030 Sustainability Goals, Avery Dennison announced that 100% of its standard products will contain recycled or renewable content by 2030. The company is also working toward a goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

The USDA BioPreferred Certification program validates the biobased content of products through third-party testing. Certified products can promote their biobased content on product labels, providing consumers with reliable and accurate information on the sustainability of the products and packaging they are choosing. The availability of certified hot-melt adhesives supports brand owners’ efforts to shift to materials that are better for the environment and more attractive to consumers without added costs.

The new adhesive is also part of the flagship Sustainable ADvantage product portfolio, which enables circularity, improves environmental performance and facilitates transparency across the entire supply chain.

“Biobased materials have a number of benefits over the petroleum-derived materials they replace and increasing our use of this renewable resource supports our commitment to environmental leadership,” comments Mark Miller, vice president marketing, Avery Dennison Label and Graphic Materials North America. “Our new hot-melt adhesives are engineered to meet the needs of brands in fast-evolving industries, such as e-commerce and food and beverage, by delivering enhanced sustainability and improved cold temperature performance.”

The new BioPreferred hot-melt adhesive is the C4500. Engineered for cold temperature performance, it is ideal for a broad range of food and beverage applications, including cold packaging, fresh meats, weigh scale, cheeses and functional beverages.

For converters, the new adhesive produces 40% less ooze, making them easier to use and increasing operational efficiency without compromising speed, conversion or dispensing results. Adding to the Avery Dennison portfolio of reliable pressure sensitive adhesives, the C4500 has been optimized for use in applications with cardboard, low surface energy substrates, rough or difficult-to-adhere surfaces, and cold environments such as chillers and freezers.

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