About ALTech: Advanced Labeling Technologies

ALTECH started to manufacture its label applicators in September 1991.

It was the result of the efforts made by a handful of people, aiming to produce innovative pressure sensitive labeling machines and industrial labeling.

ALTECH is based in Italy and now operates and sells all around the world as a recognized leader and innovator in the identification, coding, and traceability of materials.

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Markets Served

The ALTECH range includes industrial labeling machines, pressure-sensitive labelers, sleeve applicators. These are configured to fulfill any kind of production requirements: from simple labeling heads that can be integrated into existing packaging lines to complete in-line systems equipped with conveyors and adjusting, orienting, spacing, checking, ejecting, and sorting units.

The Added Value

Take advantage of the benefits. We provide guaranteed support and service on all of our label applicators. Not sure which applicator is right for you? Great Lakes Label is able to find the best fit for your operation. We offer the most up-to-date line of products from leading applicator manufacturers.

Featured ALTech Label Applicators

Alritma ALTeach Print and Apply Label Applicator

The ALritma Label Applicator

Print & Apply

Features: The ALritma Label Applicator is a high-performance pressure-sensitive labeler that is designed to be integrated into packaging lines where speed and reliability are most important. ALritma is an innovative mechanical structure available in many variations.

419 AlALTech code P - 2 side pallet pressure sensitive label applicator system

The 419 ALcode P

The 2-Side Pallet Labeler

Features: The system is able to print and apply A5 format SSCC labels onto two adjacent faces of a pallet (normally front and side) in accordance with the EAN 128 standards (also single side or 3 side options available), providing high-reliability single stop industrial print and apply pallet labeling solutions at up to 120 pallets/hr.

Label Applicators AlTech ALline E applicator

The ALline E

Front & Back Labeling System

Features: ALline E is a high precision in-line labeling system configured to apply front and back labels in a single pass to elliptical and/or rectangular shaped products such as shampoo “type” toiletry bottles, triggers sprays, and jerry cans to name but a few.