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Custom Printed Labels with Great Lakes Label

Creating custom labels for your products has never been easier with Great Lakes Label. When you order custom labels from us, you’re not only guaranteed a high-quality label printing job, you’re also given the freedom to customize your label however you’d like.

Our state-of-the-art printing technology can create custom printed labels with a wide range of colors, giving your more freedom. If you’re looking to update your current design or even create a whole new label design- we’re here to help! Our expert graphic designers offer unbeatable services that can help you create professional, eye-catching custom product labels for any market.

Not sure which label material is best for your product? Learn more with our Label Materials Guide.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

PSLs easily stick to containers, bottles, and packaging across all industries. They are the most versatile labeling solution for your brand. You can pick from a range of customizations including: materials, coatings, and finishes to help bring your label to life and stand out from competition.

Resealable Labels

Get the most out of your resealable label with Great Lakes label. You can expect long-lasting, durable resealable labels that deliver consistent quality. Our multi-panel, peel and reseal, and resealable labels will display these strengths across the board.

Extended Content Labels

If you’re looking to fit more content on your label the extended content or tri-panel labels are for you. You can triple the amount of information you are able to fit in one spot. Great for household products, hort labels or adding a coupon.

Booklet Labels

A booklet label is another type of pressure sensitive label that includes a small book or folded leaflet that is incorporated into its construction. Our booklet labels can be printed in multiple colors. These are a great solution when you have to include regulatory or legal copy on your label.

shrink sleeve labels

Shrink Film

Turn heads with custom printed shrink sleeves with Great Lakes Label. Shrink sleeves will offer you more durability than pressure-sensitive labels and are designed to contour your container for the perfect fit.

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