Add information without compromising your label design!

A booklet label is a type of pressure sensitive label that includes a small booklet or folded leaflet that is incorporated into its construction. Our booklet labels can be printed in multiple colors and the base label can also be printed, which maximizes the amount of space for your more important content.

Booklet labels are one of the best ways to share a lot of important in a small given space. You can fit as much product information as you need and you don’t have to worry about cutting into your branding or label design. We understand space is often a premium on a package and sometimes you want the flexibility to include both great label marketing and additional information or coupon code to entice to come back for more. The format of your booklet label is a multi-panel expanded content label that is backed by a stick-on-label.

Customize Your Booklet Labels with Great Lakes Label

With Great Lakes Label you can custom print anywhere on the fold out label. Our labels can be easily removed by the consumer or re-sealable depending on your product. We can create any shape or size.

One of the best reasons to incorporate a booklet label onto your product is to improve the product appearance look by placing regulatory and legal copy in the booklet.

Need more space than the extended content / tri-panel label allows for? Let us provide you with a label solution!

Get More Out of Your Label with Booklets

booklet labels
These Booklet Labels Are Great For:
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Health / Beauty
  • Cleaning / Household Products
  • Chemicals
  • Agricultural
  • Food Packages
booklet labels for pharmacy
Popular Uses:
  • Chemical Ingredient Information
  • Disposal / Storage
  • Multi-Language Copy
  • Provide Legal Text
  • Side Effects
  • Introduce New Products / Cross-Promotions
  • Food Ingredients or Recipes
booklet labels for cleaning products
Benefits of Booklet Labels:
  • Allows for plenty of space for everything you need on your label and MORE!
  • This space ensures your content is legible and easy to read.
  • Helps your brand build trust by communicating with customers.
  • Include text without sacrificing design.
  • Can apply with automated machines.

Construction on Our Booklet Labels

BOPP: Biaxially oriented polypropylene is a popular label material. It is economical to produce and it brings likable traits to the shelves, including low toxicity, resilience and versatility.

Base Label: where booklet label adheres to

Booklet: additional pages of useful content for your product. Popular uses include multilingual, legal copy, ingredients, how to use, and more.

Self-wound polypropylene: secures booklet to base label and allows consumer to remove to expose booklet pages.