Need more room on your label?

The tri-panel/extended content label helps you optimize space, by tripling the amount of information you are able to fit in one spot.

The process of printing on a tri-panel (extended content) label consists of:

  • “Front Inside Panel” is printed on
  • Deadener is applied to it
  • It is then flipped over by the turn bar
  • Adhered to the next roll of stock that has been printed on (“Back Inside Panel”)
  • The final “Front Outside Panel” image is printed

Here are just a few examples of ways you can use the extended content labels to maximize space on your product, and give your consumers the information they want and need!

extended content labels
Household Products: 

Need to add ingredients, warnings about chemicals, and use instructions, but can not fit it all on your label in readable font size? Then use an extended content label to add the space you need.

extended content labels for horticulture
Horticulture Labels:

This is the perfect spot to add planting steps, care instructions, info about the plant, and more. This allows you to use the entire front of your label for your logo and brand info, helping your customers recognize your product. Then when they pick it up or purchase it, they are able to find out more information about that particular plant on the spot easily.

tri-panel coupon peel off label
Add a Coupon:

Adding a coupon onto your product may push people to buy it. Saving money & bargains, both naturally attract and intrigue the buyer. Having this coupon that is readily available for immediate use adds a convenience factor as well.