Packaging is Nothing Without Labeling Techniques

Packaging is Nothing Without Labeling Techniques

Labeling techniques range from embossing to foiling to lesser-known techniques such as Cast & Cure, as seen below. These innovations not only enhance the product but provide the customer with an exciting sensory experience. As the packaging industry grows, so does the demand for creating captivating label design.

Bissell Cast & Cure - Great Lakes Label
R&D label using the holographic technique, Cast & Cure


The Luxury Market Boom

The luxury market is increasing, and with it, so is the use of innovative labeling techniques. Companies, large and small, across all industries find value in enhancing their label design. It captures customer imagination and engages their senses. This makes it more likely they will pick up your product, and in turn, more likely they will make the purchase.


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Competitors are also taking advantage of innovative techniques and outshining every other product on the grocery store shelf. These trends are moving into common household products as well to spark imaginations. So, now we’re seeing these techniques, often associated with luxury, quickly gaining traction in design for common products.

Peony hand soap label with mirafoil - Great Lakes Label
R&D label using the liquid foiling technique, MiraFoil


The Development of E-Commerce and Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos or video blogs of customers opening up their e-commerce purchase is changing how you should approach the design process. From start to finish, companies need to provide their customers with an engaging sensory experience that will entice them to promote and review. Video also provides a more impactful experience for online shoppers as it provides them with a clearer understanding of what the product has to offer.


When techniques such as foiling, Rotary Screen, Cast & Cure or MotionCoat catch the light, they glisten. This is crucial in fascinating the customer, and are often difficult to highlight in images. Having an unbiased source like a video blog can help in garnering interest in potential customers.

THYK hair label with motion coat - Great Lakes Label Collage for Website - nothing but luxury
R&D label using the texture and foiling technique, Motion Coat


Digital Images Aren’t as Impactful as Seeing Labeling Techniques in Person

While these techniques look cool in pictures, holding the product in your hand is a different story. Once the light can illuminate the technique, it becomes fascinating art that engages the customer’s senses. With the growth of online video, capturing these techniques change how viewers perceive your product. One reason that unboxing videos are so popular is that it provides the viewer with this experience.


Take a look at this difference! Without techniques, the labels are muted and bland even though the design is intricate and visually appealing. With techniques, the product looks luxurious, the intricate border comes to life and the shine catches the eye.


Look at your own product now. What kind of technique can you incorporate to entice the customer into picking up your product? Chances are, you’ve never considered how to engage more than one of the customer’s senses. Chances also are that once you shift to prioritizing the customers’ needs, the more sales you will have.



Learn about how innovative labeling techniques can bring your spooky design to life! Download our e-book, The Complete Guide to Innovative Labeling Techniques.

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