Pantone: The Game Gets Creativity Flowing

Pantone: The Game Gets Creativity Flowing

Pantone: The Game, as described in this article by The Dieline, takes color management to a new level. You don’t have to be a color expert or master artist to play this. Its sole intention is to get creativity flowing for people of all skill levels. So, consider opening your next team meeting with this icebreaker.

Pantone: The Game
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More About The Game

The premise is that players are given a character to design using the colors provided in the box. Then, on the card, hints are available to help the players guess at who the character is. It’s minimalism at its finest. As a result, people begin to think of their feet and experience a truly creative moment.

How This Impacts Label Design

Of course, this activity gets people thinking about color and minimalism in a new way. However, it also gets people to focus on solving a problem, working together, and designing with the tools given to them.

Or, consider the practical application. Do you need to describe a new label in a pinch? Grab some cards and lay it all out for people to better visualize.

A Bit About Color Management

With Pantone colors, every label prints with consistent color each and every time. Then, on the label press, a digital tool called a spectrophotometer checks the color to make sure it lines up with what was specified in the original design. When customers see a color inconsistency in the grocery aisle, they lose faith in the brand and choose a more professional looking brand. Don’t get left behind. Pay attention to color.

Learn more about how we can bring your wildest label design concepts and durability requirements to life. While techniques are important and exciting, there’s so much more to your label. Download our Label Project Guide e-book.


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