Pharmaceutical Developments In Packaging

Pharmaceutical Developments In Packaging

World demand for pharmaceutical packaging is expected to rise, according to the market research firm, Freedonia. They predict a rise 6.5% annually to over 100 billion USD in 2019. This, alongside an aging society, means there’s a need for helpful pharmaceutical developments in pressure sensitive labeling design.


pharmaceutical developments in label design

Void Seals Create Simplicity In Security

“Void” seals are one such development that creates a safer product. After an adhesive layer is disturbed, or if the label is removed, display a warning message. Let customers know when their medicine is unsafe with this kind of clarity. Security embossing makes tampering more obvious instead of prioritizing accessibility. Of course, many legal requirements demand tamper-evident packaging. These innovations also work inline with those requirements.

Pharmaceutical Developments in Technology

Implement an invisible copy-sensitive code marked on the packaging. This allows professionals to determine if the medicine is genuine. It works by simply using an app on their smartphone. This also offers useful, traceable data for supply chain professionals. With the expected rise in pharmaceutical packaging, innovation may continue to rapidly develop.

Eventually, pharmaceutical technology creates an opportunity for both secure and accessible packaging. So, both professionals and customers access information on the product virtually. Labeling technology also currently offers an opportunity to connect customers to more information on their medicine. While this doesn’t ensure tamper-proof containers, it does increase the chance of safe medical application and ingestion.

Get Creative

Consider new, innovative ways to offer security. Whether that’s with tamper-proof packaging or providing safety information, consider your customers’ needs. Also, consider the various age demographics in providing easily accessible information. Not everyone feels comfortable using a computer or smartphone.


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