Mix Playfulness With Practicality For Candy Labels

Mix Playfulness With Practicality For Candy Labels

Candy labels require a sense of flair, fun and light-hearted joy. It’s on brand with the service the candy itself offers. So, while your design shouldn’t take itself too seriously, here are some simple ways to add practicality to your label. After all, the more value you provide customers, the more they’ll enjoy your product.

candy labels on jugs

Candy Labels That Shine

Use innovative labeling techniques like foiling or tactile coatings to bring out elements of your design. Make it easy for shoppers to recognize flavor variations, product titles, and graphics. While this may seem to only accentuate the fun aspects to design, it does also provide practicality. When shoppers search in a long grocery aisle lineup, techniques glisten in the light and make it easy to spot your items. It also provides efficiency in communication variations or differentiating your brand from your competition.

Use Technology to Link To Recipes

Use NFC (Near Field Communication), hashtags, or QR codes to link customers to recipes that incorporate your items. While hashtags are useful in building a social media-based community, NFC and QR codes are more efficient at linking customers straight to content on your website. So, not only does this provide value, but it drives traffic to your site.

Expand Content Space to Offer More Value

Use booklet-style labels to expand the space available on your container. So, instead of linking customers through technology, you have the option of providing a simple recipe inside the front label. Plus, there’s room to offer inspirational imagery or use the cover as a peel-off coupon. This is particularly helpful for seasonal and promotional labels if there are seasonal offerings connected to your brand that need space to promote.


Learn about how innovative labeling techniques can bring your spooky design to life! Download our e-book, The Complete Guide to Innovative Labeling Techniques.

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