PLMA Global is an Online Private Label Trade Show taking place on March 28-31st, 2022.

This year, Great Lakes Label will have an online booth.

This online show “will allow manufacturers from around the world to meet with buyers from PLMA’s industry-defining Amsterdam and Chicago events combined – regardless of their home country. PLMA Global will enable buyers to connect with exhibitors through video calls, business card exchanges, and other online communications tools. Buyers’ ability to preschedule meetings is a key feature of the platform.

PLMA Global couldn’t come at a better time. The disruptive effects of the pandemic on retailing and the private label industry continue. Foremost among today’s challenges is the reliable flow of products from source to marketplace. PLMA Global can help mitigate supply chain issues by providing a convenient, secure, and information-rich platform where retailers can engage with current, former, and prospective private label suppliers.

Collectively, all parties can look for optimum ways to move goods by evaluating their respective supply chain capabilities and, if necessary, diversifying and reconfiguring their partnerships. Quality, innovation, and the cost of products will always be attributes retailers value in supply partners, but right now availability, continuity and timely delivery are #1.

Members participate in PLMA Global via an online booth that showcases their product photos, promotional videos, downloadable catalogues, company details, sales staff and more. Video conferencing tools, a meeting scheduler, and other digital features permit exhibitors to fully engage in a virtual environment.

Buyers can search for suppliers by name, product category or description, market trend or by country, continent, or any combination thereof. They can also look for products using the photo gallery view. Plus, buyers can follow up with exhibitors they met or planned to meet during the event as the platform will remain fully accessible to them through June 2022.”

Check out our booth here:

plma global Great Lakes label booth

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