The Power of Using Hashtags on Your Labels

The Power of Using Hashtags on Your Labels

Customers are looking to buy from brands that engage and create a personal experience. Social media is the ideal place to foster those relationships and hashtags the key to increasing online engagement. Best yet, the more your hashtags, the more free promotion you get. It takes a little bit of extra commitment from your team to check in with anything posted under that tag, but it’s worth it.

A Simple Approach

Incorporate a simple #ProductName on a secondary label, or inside a booklet-style label, to save space. It tells customers that you’re a brand that cares about them. Then from there, you can gauge what people are saying about your product and make informed decisions about next steps with creating a hashtag campaign. If customers are sharing a lot of selfies with your dog treats, run a contest where you repost the best dog pictures of the month, as long as they also feature your product.

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Seasonal & Promotional Hashtags on Your Labeling

Halloween is next month. Challenge your customers to a costume contest! Who has the best cosplay of your brand mascot? Who can incorporate your product into their costume? All that needs to be added to your label is something like #ProductNameHalloweenContest and a brief explanation of how it works and what they get.

When people then post their entries, they will likely use other hashtags that are seasonally trending like #Halloween or #Costume. This increases your visibility to people outside of your network. Again, it’s free promotion. For many people, the idea of a repost is enough of a motivator and so no prize is necessary.

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Marketing Campaign Hashtags

Contests do require some cost but are the most effective way of interacting with customers on a larger scale. Offering some of your most popular products in exchange for the best #SummerSelfieWithProductName or #ShareAProductName post is extremely effective. Add the hashtag to your label, and with a brief description ask followers to post an image or a story using your hashtag. Asking for them to be following your page is another effective way of growing your online presence.

When customers share you can gauge their feelings about your brand, get free promotion, get people excited and possibly even increase sales or followers. The golden ticket campaigns food products run is a great example of how contagious the excitement can get. Even people who don’t open their packaging to find a golden ticket are posting images about it and engaging with the brand. Again, this is where liking posts and responding to comments is key.


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