Produce Packaging Makes Customers Lose Interest

Produce Packaging Makes Customers Lose Interest

According to scientists at Wageningen University in Wageningen, Netherlands, customers are uninterested in produce packaging. When fresh fruit and vegetables go packaging free, sales increase. This is due to the ease of checking ripeness and environmental concerns. A customer wants to know they are putting their money where their morals are.

So, what can you do with produce packaging?

As we mentioned in a previous blog on anti-packaging, this will likely not be the end of the packaging industry. With edible packaging in development and water dissolvable labels, the item can retain it’s freshness longer or be more accessible to be checked. This also means that customers have access to labeling regulations. It even provides extra space for more information.


no produce packaging

GMI labeling laws keep developing, which requires labeled produce. If this ends up being the case, finding a compromise between the anti-packaging movement and the current standards will be crucial. As mentioned above, there may even be edible packaging that could aid in this transition.


On top of all of this, better utilize the small labels fruit use. It’s small real estate, but an important one. Instead of packaging the produce, the label then conveys further information on proper handling. Or, use the label to display the harvest date or even the date it arrived in store.


Why is it important?

Creating transparency between the customer and business is important. Customers are looking for products that align with convenience, freshness and ethical procedures. This could be an opportunity to take their concerns and transform it into yet another reason to buy your produce.


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